Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Weekly Menu 9/10-9/14

I realized that I don't include the weekends in my weekly menus....I should probably start doing that, but for this week, only M-F will be included. I think most people have the hardest time getting a weekly menu together for M-F (me, especially) due to all the millions of weekday obligations.

Last week I did ok - I did not deviate from my menu, but I didn't make everything on the list either. Thursday I forgot that I had a hair appt so I was not home to cook - we ate leftovers (which is still within the realm of my "trying to use whats in my fridge" trial) and Friday we ended up going out to eat because I got hired to shoot a local sports event and was not home to cook.

So, on to this week (its already Tuesday - oops!)

Monday: Potato-crusted chicken with orzo and sauteed broccolini (sounds complicated but I just made it up with ingredients from the fridge)
Tuesday: Chili!
Wednesday: Hopefully, quesadillas with the leftover chili, but maybe I can come up with something more creative
Thursday: Chicken-spinach roulades (supposed to make last week!) and baked/roasted cauliflower (maybe)
Friday: ?? Still up in the air as ideas are coming to me in limited supply today....I'll have to update later.

And...I just have to add this cute picture of one of my nieces from this past weekend!

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