Monday, September 17, 2007

Cheap & Beautiful

I love flowers. I like to have them in my house as often as possible - I know they are typically a waste of money because they die so quickly but I still love to have them, arrange them - different flowers (I like tree branches, vines, and weeds too!), different containers, and different styles. Better Home and Gardens put out a cool article on Grocery Bouquets - or how to arrange easily-available flowers into beautiful home or event arrangements. It got me thinking about how to make different kinds of "bouquets" - Here are a few ideas:
One-Blossom - creates a central impact
(photo: BH&G)

Skyline - creates a visual line down the table
(photos: BH&G [top], Martha Stewart [bottom])

Fresh - Use materials from around the house as the main "flower" or for added excitement to the bouquet (photos: [top & bottom] Martha Stewart)

There are a lot of great stores/websites to find cheap containers to get creative with - a few of my favorites are:

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