Monday, September 10, 2007

Spell with Flickr

Ok, so maybe I'm late on this one...but its new to me! I think this is such a cool program - I can't remember where I first heard about it, but here is the link to Spell with Flickr, created by Erik Kastner (check out his blog here). You type in a word and the program searchs Flickr to find images of the letters in your word - you can change any of the specific letters until you find a combo that you like. You could use this for so many things! Merge with your own photos to make a great framed photo for your house or have the words by themselves in your kitchen or in a travel album or for cards....just make sure you get the correct permissions and read the community use rules here.

Here are a few examples of words that I made...

L O V squircle E


Boggle Letter J A D-lights! E
(all photos from Flickr; photo combinations created here)

This could also be done with signs from your neighborhood (although its much easier to get them from Flickr). Just snap some photos, edit to the same shape and merge in a program like Photoshop or even MS Powerpoint.

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