Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Reusable grocery bags

My husband and I are a huge fan of reusable grocery bags - we have been using them since 2004. We traveled to New Zealand and saw them in grocery stores there for about $1 each (unlike the US where only the canvas bags were starting to gain popularity for about $5-$8 each, if you could even get them in the grocery stores). We brought 6 home with us and have used them ever since. These are the bags that we bought in NZ (photo: wikipedia):

When we were planning our wedding, we incorporated some "green" elements into the wedding and we also wanted to find a favor that was related but also one that people would actually use. We chose the reusable bags - and they....were a HUGE hit! All of our relatives (old, young, and in-between) loved the bags, asked for more, and are still telling us how much they like and use them. The company that we used was the same company that made the bags we bought in New Zealand - The Green Bag Company - they have since expanded into several countries, including the US (office is in SF, but they ship anywhere). Here are a few pics of the bags from our wedding!

Besides green bags, there are a lot of other, really cool (even fashionable) options in reusable bags (some even made from recycled materials)! I just saw this awesome bag posted at design*sponge -- by artist Hayley Waring.

A lot of supermarkets in our area (NYC metro area) are now carrying all kinds of bags for about $1 - can't beat it! Great for groceries or whatever (I used them to carry my work to lunch, my laptop, recycling, beach towels, etc.) - you even get money back at some grocery stores (not that that 2 cents per is doing a lot for my grocery bill, but its the point that matters :)


mb said...

I am on a mission to get more stores in NY byob-friendly. So much for Bloomberg's "small steps-big strides" campaign. It seems to have gone unnoticed.

As a fellow NYer, you may be interested in the reusable bags at www.minusbags.com. They are really cute, hold a ton of groceries and are very lightweight. They are more expensive ($16), but they are 100% cotton and beautifully made locally--designed in Bklyn and sewn up in New Hampshire!

Jade said...

mb - is that your site? The bags are great looking! I think they are great for regular use as well as grocery use - If it is your site, I'm interested in more info - drop me an email at jade@upliftphotography.com

echoemily said...

I found a place where you can buy a bunch of plain versions, an off white one that is perfect for tying some raffia around and using for gifts. www.handitotebags.com
I am buying 150 for my wedding in july.

Anonymous said...

Bags of this kind are great for the enviornment. Check out 4evabags.hopout.com.au for more kinds such as grapes, pineapples and strawberrys.