Monday, October 1, 2007

Weekly Menu: 9/30 - 10/6

Well, my menu last week never got done. I'm determined to get it done this week [I'm behind already!] here we go.

The order of these may change, but look out for blog updates this week!

Sunday: [leftover-use things from the refrigerator night] Chicken cutlets cooked in white wine and lemon; Broccoli and whole wheat pasta with a light garlic and olive oil sauce.
Monday: Stuffed peppers (veggie/couscous/chicken sausage); Roasted cauliflower
Tuesday: [Vegetarian night] Caprese quesadillas; Salad
Wednesday: Center cut pork chops; side dish: ?
Thursday: Lasagna roll-ups; Salad
Friday: Corn and white bean soup
Saturday: To be decided; maybe go out.

Love this picture of my husband and some of the kids (cousins) at the apple-picking farm

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Jade said...

Hi Wife! Monday's dinner 'chicken cutlets cooked in white wine and lemon' was delicious!!! Love, Husband :)