Monday, October 8, 2007

Fall Recipe Roundup - Part I

Since picking apples from a local orchard a few weeks ago, I have been looking around for new recipes to take care of all the apples in the house (you know, its a lot of fun to pick them, but I always end up with maybe a bit more than I need -- what fun would picking 4 apples be?). It's definitely a challenge to find uses for all of them before they go bad, but I've been doing a decent job so far. I plan on making apple butter with my remaining fruit.

Anyway, I figured that I would share some of the fall recipes that I have scoured from the web, since I'm sure others are looking forward to cooking away with their autumn ingredients and beginning to prep holiday recipes. Plus, it is FINALLY going to get chilly here this week, so fall recipes are finally appropriate (although I have been making soups/chilis/quickbreads for weeks :)! Some of the below recipes I have already made (in years past) and some are new to me too, so please post a comment if you have tried any of them! I'm hoping to post more links as I get them together - Enjoy!

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