Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Glitterati

Glitter pumpkins! I first saw these in Martha Stewart Living magazine last year. They looked awesome and not too difficult to make, so I gave it a try. They turned out great and look really professional (if there is such a thing as professional glitter pumpkins...).

I searched everywhere for the right glitter, but all the flakes were too large and I definitely could not find orange glitter (gold and green pumpkins were not really working for Halloween/Fall/Thanksgiving). Finally, I found what I needed in a small boutique art shop in Manhattan. It cost a little more than regular glitter, but the pumpkins looked amazing! This year, I decided to step it up a notch - I found the right glitter at Michael's (new Martha Craft line - get that 40% off coupon or you can also buy them through Martha Crafts) - I bought three colors - fire opal (orange), carnelian (a red-orange) and brownstone (a reddish-brown color). They look great when you mix the glittered pumpkins and gourds with non-glittered ones and other organic materials (acorns, apples, pinecones, leaves, etc). Here are some before and after pictures:



The instructions could not be easier -

You will need: Modge podge (or any glue on the thinner side will likely be fine), Fine glitter, Brush (I use those "brushes" that are a wooden dowel attached to a sponge) and any pumpkin or gourd (I try to use smaller ones so they are easy to hold while you are painting them).

Here's what you do: Hold pumpkin firmly by the stem (careful not to break it!). Paint a thin layer of glue on the pumpkin (do not cover the stem or the small round area on the base of the pumpkin). Add glitter. Shake off excess and reapply as needed to cover all areas. Let dry.


Anonymous said...

those pumpkins look great! I did them last year for my reception centerpieces...

thanks again for the jelly recipe/ encouragement...I have the result in my blog..

Claudia said...

Those looks awesome! Probably the best I've seen all season, keep up the great work and great pictures.