Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Christmas Gifts...

So I blogged about the gifts that I gave this year, but have not mentioned any of the awesome gifts that I was given this year! I am such a lucky girl - my husband is definitely someone you want to have around at Christmas time. This year, he definitely took my hints regarding my love for Etsy (maybe he read this post or this post?) and I guess he realized that I like to cook a bit :) My mom always gets such great and thoughtful gifts for me - we love to shop for each other. I thought a few of these gifts were such great finds that maybe some of you would enjoy them too - check them out!

Letterpress desk calendar from ilee via her etsy shop - it is even more gorgeous in person! I bought this as a gift and loved it so much that my husband got it for me as a gift! It is sold out at the moment, but she usually puts them back up as she makes them.

Notebook from Nantaka Joy. She sells beautiful things - including gorgeous notecards, like these and these. I love having a small notebook in my purse/bag all the time - this is the perfect size.

My mom hooked me up with this awesome ribbon box! It is from Martha Stewart Crafts, but can also be found at Michaels.

These salts with the spoons were also under the tree for me - so cute! I have been wanting to try different types of salt, so I'm pumped about this. These seem to be very reasonably priced to other salts I have seen available on the web for tasting and testing. Check out the website - http://www.clay-company.com/ for other great kitchen gift products.

I also was lucky enough to receive a bunch of great cookbooks, but I'm saving those for future posts...

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Jennyfer said...

Oooooh I'm jealous! I love that calendar. What a fun idea!