Sunday, August 19, 2007

Chocolate-Chip Cookies

So, yesterday, I decided to make chocolate-chip cookies for Tim. I bake a lot but don't usually make chocolate-chip cookies because I'm really not a fan, but Tim is, and he had been out all night djing, so I thought I would make him something. I also thought that I could find a better recipe than the classic toll-house recipe, so I checked all my cookbooks that I have in the new apartment (Ina, Giada, Classic baking book, Martha's baking book, etc.). None of them had a good chocolate-chip recipe! Even this book called Classic American Cooking - what is more american than a chocolate-chip cookie? Anyways, I went to the internet and ended up making this recipe. I was not really that impressed - Tim said they were really good but I thought they were a bit cakey. They look nice...but I guess I should have went with the original. If anyone has a good cookie recipe, can you email to me?

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