Monday, October 27, 2008

Back without a vengeance :)

Hi all!

I'm not even going to waste time discussing my MIA status, because...I'm back! Just in time for the holidays too :).

In an effort to depict exactly whats going on in my kitchen, I'm going to post a complete disaster. I have made this focaccia recipe dozens of times - its my go-to recipe when I want fairly quick, not-too-labor intensive fresh bread. I don't want to deter anyone from trying this recipe because its really delicious and great this time of year with soups, salads, or for a good sandwich. Here is the link to the original recipe.

So, bread bakers out there - what did I do wrong!? I definitely changed it up a little bit this time because I wanted have a bit of a different flavor.

Here are my changes:

  • Swapped out half the AP flour for whole wheat flour
  • Omitted the rosemary and used an Italian seasoning blend instead
  • Add mini-grape tomatoes to the top

Here is what I got! yuck.

  • Did not rise properly (or barely at all)
  • Tasted completely awful - inedible
  • Middle totally doughy and disgusting.
  • And yes, it was that nasty yellow color.

I have never posted such an awful result on this blog! Was it the whole wheat flour? Maybe you guys can laugh and forgive me for being gone so long. That's what I get!!

Hope everyone is having a great fall so far - I'll be back with better recipes and updates asap!


Anonymous said...

YAY you are back!!! I don't know much about breads, but I know if it barely rose your yeast was either bad, or the water you put in was too cold/too hot and didnt' activate. Boo. so sorry! Can't wait for more updates, though. I missed you!!

Hannah said...

A number of things could have gone wrong, but I don't think it had much to do with your alterations. The yeast might have been dead, your flour could have been rancid, the room may not have been warm enough for it to rise properly... And I think that the tomatoes were to juicy, and when they baked, they "popped" and made the dough soggy. I'm sure you can fix this next time- Best of luck!

luckylass said...

I wouldn't go 100% whole wheat. Sometimes I go 50/50. Also, I would almost bet the yeast was bad or not at the most optimal temp (too cold/hot water). Ditto for the tomatoes. Sorry for nasty focaccia.

Taryn said...

I agree with everyone else- I doubt it was because of the flour- probably the yeast. I have gone 100% whole wheat flour in my baking- even in bread and it is working well. But as luckylass says- you will never have the same consistency as with AP flour. But- you can use all whole wheat flour- I often use a little less flour than the recipe calls for because it seems like whole wheat flour soaks up more liquid.