Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Strawberry Jam

I'm sorry if you opened this post thinking there was going to be a recipe...because I don't have one!

But there are some photos of an awesome gift a friend sent me :) I'll call her J. Maybe if we gang up on her, she'll pass around a recipe for one of these:

You're looking at what I found on my doorstep a few days ago - 2 jars of homemade jam: Strawberry Jam and Organic Apricot, Key Lime & Ginger Preserves. She's pretty awesome right? Don't you love her packaging too? Totally simple, but beautiful - I love it and I'm totally stealing her idea (Sorry J!).

I used some of the strawberry jam to make a variation of the ever-popular ___ [insert fruit here] __ crumb bars. I, too, (like Katie) saw them on Smitten Kitchen and was well, smitten :). I changed up the recipe a bit, used strawberry jam instead of fresh blueberries and they were delicious. Seems like you can do pretty much do whatever you like with the recipe and it would hold up well. I burnt the bottom of mine because I was watching the Yankee game and forget about them and they still tasted awesome.

Here is a photo of the J the jam-maker (2nd from right), 2 of our other friends (Hi S & P!) and me (right) at J's wedding a few years ago :)

Thanks J - I love finding packages at my door!


Anonymous said...

Oh YUM! What a great friend!! I've been DYING to can some preserves lately and looking for the time. These look so good it only makes my craving worse. lol!

Joelen said...

Those preserves sound wonderful - especially the key lime & ginger! I've always wanted to try my hand at canning preserves but when I realized all the tools and patience involved, I changed my mind. I might have to give it another chance!

Anonymous said...

I have never made preserves before! I really need to, if for no other reason than to make some of those yummy looking bars!

Patricia Scarpin said...

I wish I could grab one of those jars! :)
The bars look so delicious.

Erin said...

You obviously have awesome friends! What a fun surprise to find at your door. Those bars sound great, too!