Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter...have a craft!

Happy Easter a few hours early :)

I colored eggs tonight, just like I do every year (confession #1: I love coloring eggs....still) - and since my mom didn't get a chance to color them with me this year (confession #2: my mom still colors eggs with me...still :), I thought I would bring her a few tomorrow. I saw a quick Easter project on Martha Stewart's show the other day and decided to make a quick adaptation to fit the materials that I had on hand.

Before I give the quick step-by-step, I just wanted to put this cool link out there just in case you happen to be coloring eggs tomorrow. The linked site is a list of natural egg dyes - lots of them are things you might have around that house already (onion skins, different juices, canned vegetables). I really wanted to do a comparison of the artificial versus natural egg dying results before Easter (yes, the colors of the dye really matter to me, I know = confession #3), but I just didn't get the chance. I promise next year :)

And now, on to the project!

Super-quick Easter Egg Basket

Cardboard egg carton
Wired ribbon
Paper/plastic grass

1. Cut egg carton in half so you have two "baskets", each with 6 egg holes.

2. Use scissors to puncture small holes in either side of the "basket". You will want the holes to be on each of the long sides of the carton, so that the ribbon or handle will run the shortest distance from side to side (see the photo below, I'm sure it will explain it much better!).

3. Cut an appropriate length of ribbon (make the handle as long as you like) and thread the ends through the holes. Pull the ribbon through the holes, leaving enough extra so you can press it into the bottom of one of the egg holes (once you put the eggs in, they will hold the ribbon in place).

4. Add the grass, eggs, and a cute tag and you are done! You could also jazz it up a bit with some additional ribbon along the edges (using a glue gun) if you wanted.


Sarah said...

I tried to talk my husband into coloring eggs with me but we never got around to it. Your's have such vibrant color.

Jessy and her dog Winnie said...

Very pretty! I colored eggs yesterday, I think I will post about them soon :)

Anonymous said...

Jade, these are SOOO beautiful! What GORGEOUS colors and the baskets are so creative! I love it! Happy Easter!!

Jade said...

Thanks guys - one trick is that I used some brown eggs. That is how I scored the darker colors on some of the eggs (1st photo of the blue egg, and a few in the baskets as well).

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous! What an artist you are! Thanks!

Tartelette said...

The first shot is just brilliant!