Friday, February 8, 2008

Recycled & Natural

I'm a recent convert to recycled paper products and natural cleaning products - meaning that now I'm really trying to not buy household paper goods (paper towels, bathroom tissue, tissues, etc.) that are not at least partially composed of post-consumer waste or cleaning products that have harsh chemicals in them. In my regular grocery store, "green" products are definitely a bit more expensive, which can make it difficult to fit into your regular budget. You can get a better deal at a store like Target (where you can buy Method products), but I just bought a bunch of Seventh Generation products online for a better price than the regular, non-recycled products in the store. I'm so pumped!

If you are skeptical about the good buying recycled products can do, read this article from the Natural Resources Defense Council. Not only will you be saving some trees, but your house will be free of dyes and chemicals!

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